Divinum Tremens

My first solo project as a composer and performer.

Formed by a total of fourteen tracks, eleven tracks two interludes and a postlude, the result of more than three years of creative process.

Sala Luis Galve


All are original compositions recorded with a grand piano, Steinway and Sons, in the Sala Luis Galve of the Auditorium of Zaragoza, a luxury that raised the experience to limits that I could never imagine. I can not wait to return.


I consider each theme as an extension of myself, an almost alchemical process where experiences and the state of mind become melodic lights and shadows of the experience.



A listening level, you will find a close disco, almost as if you stay the piano stool bench, feeling low and high vibrations just as if you were playing the piano by yourself.



Conceptually you will find a reflection on life, the human life cycle and the role of the creative in our lives, in our ability to adapt to the environment and our pursuit of happiness.

I consider that creativity can be the path to fulfillment is in our nature to transform our environment at what we can imagine.

This is my delirium, my Divinum Tremens.

José Craem