José Craem, pianist and composer.

Currently I just bring my first album out “Divinum Tremens” a reflection on life and the creative process that I invite you to listen on this website.

After few years developing compositions for documentaries, short films and other audiovisual works of independent character, I decided to undertake a new project more personal and loyal to my way of composing.

In private and in the light of the keys on the piano, I have developed the topics you’ll find Divinum Tremens, taking improvisation as a starting point, sculpting with care and dedication each piece.

Amazes me where the melodies and rhythms flow, when you are carried along the current and you really enjoy improvising. It’s something indescribable, it is a wonderful strength you get to feel calm in which you immerse yourself, the beauty that you get to experience.

I hope to share more than music, what you listen here inspire in your search, and incites accompany you spend more time on what makes you vibrate.

I welcome you to this adventure, to be part of this dream.

From all my heart,